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About Company

MINPOL - Agency for International Minerals Policy is a spin-off company of the University of Leoben, Austria, and was established as a private limited partnership (KG) according to Austrian law on June 15, 2012. In May 05, 2016, MinPol has been Re-established as a private limited company (GmbH) in Austrian law.

Mission and Vision

The Interdisciplinary European research institute MINPOL aims to link researchers from different scientific disciplines and business experts in order to pursue and support mineral resources concepts and management world wide both in applied research and project implementation.

Expertise and Services

MINPOL's core fields of expertise deal with ecological and economic as well as social, cultural and political issues in the context of mining, which include:
  • Development of minerals policy frameworks
  • Minerals industry consulting services
  • Mineral market research
  • Geological research
  • Legal basics of minerals policy
  • Data processing and simulations
  • Monitoring of policy impacts and implementation
  • (Research) Project co-ordination
  • Trainings, workshop organization
  • Social licensing processes
  • Lectures and presentations
  • Minerals trading

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