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What does MINRIS offer to its Users?

  • Availability of Large Datasets covering Import, Export and Production trends for Raw Materials globally traded in120+ countries across the globe.

  • Allows Users to download data and create interactive charts for observing historic trends of Commodity volume traded in past 40 years.

  • A Dedicated Directory and Library of Information for 120+ Countries related to Government Policy and Legislations, List of Mines, Mine locations, Production Capacity and Mine ownership in all these countries.

  • Provides useful links of Relevant Reports and Government Websites for mine developers of a particular country to understand the industry status and procedures for mine operation.

  • A Dedicated News Feed providing insights on Global commodity markets which is being updated every 5 minutes.

  • Facility to request for Customised Data and Information related to Mines, Metal and Energy Industry exclusively from Minpol Experts directly at a reasonable fees

Historical Production, Import-Export Data + Trends for Mineral Commodities Production Trend comparison of multiple mineral commodities in a country Price Data + Trends for Mineral Commodities traded at Global scale
Dedicated Country Directory with exhaustive information about Mining Sector and Policies in 120+ Nations In this example Austria is selected and country profile has information on Policy, Legal, Ministry, Application procedure, Mineral Resource etc. Information related to List of Mines in a Country and details about their location, capacity and operating companies
MINRIS Brochure for download

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